Salicylaldehyde azine or salicylaldazine (FR-0322), Frinton Laboratories, Inc. offers Salicylaldazine in small to medium quantities, as a free-flowing bright yellow crystalline powder, melting at about 220°C and with purity of 99%. Azines have achieved great significance in organic synthesis. Many studies have shown that azines are good synthones for obtaining heterocyclic compounds such as pyrazoles, purines and pyrimidines. These compounds can be utilized for some useful synthetic transformations and they constitute an important class of compounds with unexpected biological activities. Aromatic azines, are receiving increasing attention for their biological, chemical and physical properties. Salicylaldazine and other ligands containing a (C=N) group also called Schiff bases, are versatile multidentate ligands capable of bonding from several alternate sites resulting in the formation of divalent metal complexes, such as Co, Ni or Cu, having suitable properties for theoretical studies and practical applications. Salicylaldazine represents an interesting class of chelating agents capable of coordinating with one or more metal ions giving mononuclear as well as polynuclear metal complexes.

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