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George Inglessis founded Frinton Laboratories, Inc. in 1963, a culmination of his love of chemistry that began when as a teenager in Athens, Greece he bought his first chemistry book. After moving to the States,studying at Colgate University and receiving a doctorate from Clark University, he relocated to Vineland, NJ where he worked synthesizing novel herbicides. With this experience George started Frinton Labs making at first just 8 compounds. Today, Frinton Laboratories supplies over 1300 different organic compounds, with new products developed every year. The company specializes in liquid crystals, hydrocarbons, and rare aromatic and aliphatic intermediates.

Frinton Laboratories is a small company with worldwide coverage. George, with the help of his wife Barbara, son Jason, and Lucy the company mascot, makes sure that orders are processed and delivered promptly. Frinton Laboratories provides quick delivery of high quality products reasonably priced, and has earned positive feedback from academic, government, and commercial customers because of the unique services.

Frinton Laboratories, named for the English resort town of Frinton-On-Sea, has customers all over the world. While most products are sold in small quantities, many are available in kilo amounts. Custom synthesis is also a Frinton specialty.

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